In  view of the COVID 19 Pandemic, only the urgent matters are being heard by the Courts.


You can walk into our Office in Sector 38, Chandigarh to appear before the Honourable courts in case you want to avail our Professional Video Conference Setup.


We have taken care of everything for this video conference:


1. High Speed Internet
2.  Professional Cameras.
3. Suitable  Audio MICs for multiple Speakers.
4. Optimised Speaker system.
5. Setup to present your digital documents to court with proper zoom options.
6.  Optional Standby secretarial services for quick presentation of any particular para, pages from  your case proceedings.
7. Proper sitting space.
8. Pre Court Trial option.
9. Stablised Power supply for all the equipments.



Facility to Insert live and recorded webcasts directly into your own website or websites of your sponsor and partners.
Complete Control during livestream: Live analytics, social media feeds, Other misc metrics, Moderated Q&A, geo-blocking etc
Latest evolution of the standard that defines HTML 5 natively supports on-demand and live video streaming sources
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