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Drone Live Streaming

Drones are changing the way the events are streamed Live!

Coverage of events and its story getting unfold using Drone is having such an intense impact on the viewers. Imagine watching the sportsperson having a live footage from the ground which then takes you 100 meters above with a birds-eye view.

Live Streaming is no more restricted to news and weddings any more. The real impact is felt in Sports Arena where split seconds makes all the difference and probably Drones are best suited to give you unrestricted  view.

Currently, Drone footage is being recorded and played later, but we bring in Live Streaming of the current Live footage.

Live Drone footage can be streamed Live –in real time and can be played by anybody sitting anywhere is the world with minimum latency.

This can be used for recreational purposes, coverage of huge function or can be used for analysis of law and order situation.